The Sedaghat Scholarship for First-Generation American Achievers

Go beyond your dreams

Immigrants are the lifeblood of America, enriching our nation in countless ways. They not only brighten our cultural tapestry and foster tolerance by introducing us to new cuisines, traditions and languages, but propel our economy and technological advancements forward by introducing us to new ideas. Immigrants contribute significantly

to our workforce, filling gaps in the labor market and assuming essential roles that benefit society at large. They support the growth of various industries, from agriculture to healthcare, helping to sustain our economic vitality.

The immigrant experience is far from easy. Their resilience and determination embody the values upon which this nation was built, reminding us that the American Dream is alive and well and that this country remains “the shining city upon a hill”.

The Purpose

Financial aid is more important than ever as the costs of attending college continue to rise.As the student debt crisis grows, scholarships are a crucial resource for students with financial need. Every scholarship can make a difference, whether it’s a large award offered by a school or company or a small sum provided by local organizations and businesses.This scholarship seeks to support students who have financial need so they can afford to pursue higher education.Any first-generation high school or undergraduate student who has financial need and is the child of immigrant parents may apply for this scholarship.

Application Information

To apply you must submit : 1- An essay (between 1,000 and 1,500 words) that addresses the following:· What motivated your immigrant parent(s) to immigrate to the United States;· What challenges or setbacks your immigrant parent(s) faced during their immigration process;· How being the child of immigrant parent(s) has impacted your character, values, and/or worldview;· Your academic and professional goals; and· How this Scholarship would help you achieve such goals.2- An Academic transcript3- Proof of enrollment at (or acceptance to) an institution of higher education.


The Sedaghat Law Scholarship for First-Generation Higher Education Students is open to students who meet all of the below criteria:· Born to at least one (1) immigrant parent;· Enrollment in, or acceptance to, an accredited U.S. undergraduate or graduate institute; and· Minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA

Award Amount

$1500 per Applicant


To be considered for The Sedaghat Law Scholarship for First-Generation Higher Education Students, your application must be submitted by May 15 of each calendar year. The winner will be announced, and the scholarship award disbursed, on June 25 of each year in which the winner is enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate school. Please note that continued receipt of the scholarship award is contingent upon satisfaction of all eligibility requirements set forth in the “Eligibility” section above.



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